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Category: Grieg, Edvard (1843 - 1907)

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Four Album Leaves Op. 28 Files: 4

The Album Leaves were composed over the span of almost fifteen years. As such, they present a fascinating cross-section of Grieg's pianistic and compositional development. They are arranged in chronological order as follows: Allegro con moto (1864), Allegretto espressivo (1874), Vivace (1876), and Andantino serioso (1878).


Lyric Pieces Files: 16

Short, lyric character pieces were very much in vogue in the late nineteenth and early twentieth century, especially so in Scandinavia. Edward Grieg was an undisputed master of the genre, and his ten books of Lyric Pieces, with a total of 66 items, span the better part of his composing career. More at home in smaller forms than in large formal structures, composing these pieces came natural to Grieg, to the extent that he half-jokingly complained in a letter to his close friend, the Dutch composer Julius Röntgen : "... I have been lyric once again. Can't you please cure me of this affliction?".

With some exceptions, the Lyric Pieces are of small scale and modest ambition, which has ensured them a prominent place in every amateur pianists' repertoire. Yet, their ever-fresh inspiration, distinct Norwegian flavor, and occasional flashes of virtuosity offer great opportunities for the enterprising concert pianist. 

Two Elegiac Melodies, Op. 34 Files: 2
Norwegian Dances Files: 1

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