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Category: Mompou, Federico (1893 - 1987)

Number of Subcategories: 12
Cançons i dansas (Cancións y Danzas) Files: 13
Charmes Files: 6
Dues Impressions (1910) Files: 2
Impresiones Intimas Files: 9

Written between the years 1911 and 1914, this set of nine miniatures is Mompou's first published work.  The pieces evoke a range of moods, from sad and melancholy, to happy and mischievous.

Impressions de La Garriga Files: 0
Impressions de Muntanya (1910) Files: 3
Impressions Sobre La Vida D'un Miner (1914) Files: 3

Impressions Sobre La Vida D'un Miner (Impressions on the life of a miner) is the only true cycle Mompou composed in which the pieces are unified by a common theme and titles.


Musica Callada Files: 32

Musica Callada is a set of 28 short pieces composed between the years 1959 and 1967  that create an atmosphere of stillness and inwardness.  Writing about his own work Mompou said, "this music has no air or light. It is a weak heart beat, you cannot ask it to reach more than a few inches into space, but it's mission is to reach the profound depths of our soul and the secret regions of our spirit's spirit. This music is quiet (callada) because one listens to it within. Contained and reserved. It's emotion is secret and only becomes sound from resonance under the cold cape of our society. It is my desire that this music, should bring us closer to the warmth of life, and the expression of the human heart, that is always the same and constantly changing."

Preludes no. 11 and 12 Files: 2

Mompou composed his 12 preludes between 1927 and 1960. Only the first 10 were published in his lifetime, divided into two books, the first book (1-4) published in 1930 and the second book (5-10) in 1952. Preludes 11 and 12 were published posthumously in 2004. 

Prelude no. 11 was dedicated to Alicia de Larrocha on the occasion of her wedding in 1950. She premiered the piece but Mompou apparently wasn't quite satisfied with the composition because he subsequently introduced an ossia for a certain pssage. When Larrocha queried him as to which of the two versions she should play, the composer joked, "one on weekends, the other on weekdays." In the version recorded here, both the original passage and the ossia are used (the ossia in the repeat). 

Scènes d'enfants Files: 5

During Mompou's successful years in Paris one of the works which most captivated his public was the one which carried the Schumann-like title Scenes d'enfants (Scenes of childhood). In fact it consists of the Three Jeux (games) he composed in 1915, to which he added the opening piece Cris dans la rue (Cries in the Street), and, as an ending, the well-known Jeunes filles au jardin (Girls in the Garden).

Variation on a theme by Chopin Files: 14
Miscellaneous Files: 2

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